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Forget about being right or wrong. People are famous for building protections around their beliefs. Here are a few examples of people who have gone to the mat' for ridiculous ideas. So let's not think about whether you think you're right or wrong. Instead, think about these questions...

Questions to ask?

What is my vision of a perfect world? Do I want peace and happiness for all people. Do I want money and power for myself and a select few people? 

[video kids describe perfect world. 


Am I proud of the things I am doing? How would the people I admire react to the things I do. If you don't admire your parents, children, what about other people you admire? 

[video: how are you doing, really? 


Do I hold myself accountable? That is, take responsibility for my actions? 

[video: extreme ownership. 


[video: accountability. 


Are the things I'm doing making the world better? Can you see positive change today?  

[video: why make the world better?


[video: people who are making a difference. 


[video: 5 incredible people.


For each of the issues show...

Explain the need

Signs that it's working

Signs that it's not working

Things people will try to sell you

Ways that you will fool yourself.

Issues include...

Justice (rights)

Safety (family, )



Services (medical, education)


1. provoke curiosity, connect to needs, build confidence, foster intrinsic motivation

2. remove restraining forces: time, money, effort, motivation, 

3. increase driving forces: authority, rewards, social norms, social connections, build liking and connections with cooperation and competition

Select an image to play the intro in the selected voice.

There are good people using every one of these voices. Likewise, there are liars, cheats, and thieves who disguise themselves as ghetto, humanitarian. Don't be fooled by how people present themselves. Let's take a look at a few examples...

Complete all voices to get credit for this course. Obviously, you're going to like some voices better than others. Some voices will make more sense to you. Hang in there though and try to 

Voices include...


[video: ghetto talk about their lives. 


[video: who's 1 stranger I remember. 


[video: I thing you wish you never heard. 





[video: people share their secrets.